We Continue to Grow the Contact Center, Our Customer Base, and Our Staff!

Representatives from several NIB agencies teamed up to train with Fresh Revenues at Central Florida Lighthouse's Contact Center.This year the Contact Center has participated in several commercial contracts which have included lead generation or “prospecting,” database updating, appointment setting, and mystery shopping calls to commercial hotels and Navy lodgings.  Due to the successful mystery shopping calls we did for a quality assurance outsourcer named 5Star Solutions (our first outside customer), we have been chosen as an NIB subcontractor for a new contract.  We are working for a quality assurance company called Fresh Revenues performing hospitality mystery calls.  These calls are fun!  We are “actors” on the phone, pretending to be customers who need a hotel reservation.  David Jefferson, former Navy, enjoys this great opportunity to serve the soldiers and veterans who stay at these lodges and hotels worldwide.  Our Contact Center team is equally grateful for the work.  He’s taught our staff how to do “military speak!”

The other NIB agencies participating on this contract include: Beyond Vision in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Lighthouse Central Florida in Orlando; Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Utica, New York; and Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown, Tennessee.  We are proud to represent the west coast, and are excited to expand our revenues and associated staff potentially.

By combining our nationwide network of other agencies that have contact centers, NIB was able to provide Fresh Revenues with a solution that will deliver a high quality, nationwide skilled staff with many unique voices, which is important to mystery shopping. This means more jobs for more agencies with contact centers! It is our goal to continue looking for new partners, contracts, and opportunities to partner with other NIB or NISH agencies.

Other contracts we’ve had this year include making “warm” prospective customer appointments and marketing calls for The Catering Company, a Kirkland-based caterer who delivers homemade hot and cold food.  Many of you may have tried it here at the Lighthouse!   Another customer we do prospecting for is Bags by TCA, a customer brought to us by a Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation Board member.   As we grow our skills and build our revenue for the Lighthouse, we are also creating more positions in the Contact Center.  If you’d like to talk to any of us more about what we do, please reach out.  And if you can think of any business you know that could use our services, please let us know!  We will invite them in for a tour, or you can too.

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