Upward Mobility in the Lighthouse Contact Center

Contact Representative Andrew Stauffer

Contact Representative Andrew Stauffer

by Andrew Stauffer

Our manager is fond of saying, “we succeed as a team, or we fail as a team.” This phrase really does ring true. Our increasing success in our Contact Center definitely reflects the effective teamwork we’ve all worked to create. Because I’m the new kid on the block in the Center, I’m extremely grateful to my colleagues for providing me with such excellent training. We are all well cross-trained, and can cover for each other during the latest unforeseen change. This gives us flexibility and efficiency. We can adjust on a dime.

I first joined the team as an intern, working in the Contact Center for two hours daily while spending the rest of my time assembling tripods and bite valves on the production floor at The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. In Seattle.

While I enjoy production work, I also wanted to increase my skills and prospects, and the Contact Center is a great place for that. My communication skills, coupled with my ability to quickly learn and integrate new information, made me a good fit for the administrative tasks of Contact Center work. My desire to serve people and be a go-to guy is a great fit for our department. While teamwork is required in a lean manufacturing environment, it’s a different kind of team goal. One is a focused output with direct solutions. Contact Center work is multi-layered and judgment based—there’s always a new question or new information to consider.

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