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Upward Mobility in the Lighthouse Contact Center

by Andrew Stauffer Our manager is fond of saying, “we succeed as a team, or we fail as a team.” This phrase really does ring true. Our increasing success in our Contact Center definitely reflects the effective teamwork we’ve all worked to create. Because I’m the new kid on the block in the Center, I’m […]

Representatives from several NIB agencies teamed up to train with Fresh Revenues at Central Florida Lighthouse's Contact Center.

We Continue to Grow the Contact Center, Our Customer Base, and Our Staff!

This year the Contact Center has participated in several commercial contracts which have included lead generation or “prospecting,” database updating, appointment setting, and mystery shopping calls to commercial hotels and Navy lodgings.  Due to the successful mystery shopping calls we did for a quality assurance outsourcer named 5Star Solutions (our first outside customer), we have […]